Thursday, June 4, 2009

Again With the Procrastination....

I am so bad at this! i keep saying "i will get to it" and now its two moths later and i am finally here. School gets out in one week! we have our end of the year 8th grade celebration/dance tomorow and i am so excied for that! there is going to be grilling, maui wowi, and the best DJ in the metro, Starkizzle, a.k.a my science teacher Ms. Stark. Lets see... what have i been up to the past two months?
brief summary: April 11th my dance team won a huge competition. 1st place out or 406 dances, big accomplishment i would say(: May 7th, all the competition dances in my studio qualify for nationals this summer... yay! My dog cocoa is now 2 years old! marched in the memorial day parade, and at valleyfair. had a killer dance recital, saw my aunt and uncle and cousins from Iowa. oh, and straight a's!
i guess thats brief enough, since its almost 10:00pm!
i bid you goodnight:)
forever and always
Leah Erickson

Friday, April 10, 2009

So as you may know, or not know, today is good friday. I have the day off from school and my dad is home from work today. We went to the childrens service at our church today and decided to go out to lunch afterwords. My dad took my and my siblings out to Annies Parlor at the University of Minnesota, and holy cow, their food is AMAZING. I had a cheesburger and their own vanilla cola. My sister got the same as me, but had a hot fudge malt (which is to die for!) instead. thier fries are also some of the best i have ever had. fresh cut, i can tell. but then we took a tour of the U and i think it would be so fun to study there in 4 years (not to far away!). Anyways, i feel like i will never eat again, i stuffed myself way full!

i guesss thats all that has really gone on. i got my dance costumes this week, and they are really pretty, and there is only one more week until competition! im excited!

more coming soon...

forever and always,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holy Cow! its been so long!

I'm feeling really bad for not blogging since January! Almost two months of me saying "aah, ill get to it later." classic procrastinators excuse, right? So i made it a priority today, and over the remainder of this school year to try and blog once every two weeks or so, just to keep you updated (and so i can go back and look at what has gone on in my life). I will try really hard to sum up whats been important in these last two months.
to start this off, id like to say that the weather is absolutely gorgeous! we went from freezing cold a few weeks ago(I'm talking in the teens), to today. its 60 degrees outside! i have been continuing with my dancing and that is going great. we have competition on April 15th and 16th i think, and i am so excited because this years dances are AMAZING! my dance teacher, Mauri, is amazing and pushes us all to the best of our abilities. i may not be the best dancer in the class, but i work really hard at trying to get myself up with the best dancers. all the girls at my studio rock some major socks off and bring so much charisma into doing what they love. School has been going okay, last trimester, I didn't do so well grade wise because of how much i involved myself in social things rather than being involved in school. two weeks ago we had a fresh start with a new semester, and so far i have done really well. all my assignments have gotten in on time and I've done my best work that i can do. since high school starts next year, i have realized that i cant waste my time because that is what really counts. But, i am happy to say my class schedule that i have right now is one of the best i could ask for. i have all the basics (history, science, English, and math) but i also have Band, 3-D art (sculpting), and study hall (which also helps with keeping me on track with my homework). in 3-D art i am working on this really cool box, I'm SO taking a picture of it when its done and putting it on here because it is really cool! if your wondering about band, i play french horn, but i used to play flute, band is amazing and if your ever thinking about trying out an instrument id say go for it! its super fun and I'm sure you'll love it. in my family everything is great. my little siblings are awesome and crazy, and i love them to death, and my parents are the awesome (i think i use that word too much)! my mom and dad actually wrote me a letter about what my faith means to them, and how they've loved watching me grow. it had me in tears! my friends are still doing fantastic (i got a new word!) too. they are definitely a lot like me and very relatable too, i have made a bunch of new friends, and i still have my old but still great friends. right now I'm on spring break, and i have only 5 days left till.... drum roll..... my birthday! I'm so excited, i am turning 14! and my sister can babysit too now, so i will get some freedom this week.
i think I've summed up my last two months pretty well!
i hope that you all have a wonderful springtime (maybe its fall where you are in) and my best regards go to you!
forever and always,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

best friends never change

One of my bestfriends name is courtney. she recently moved to hermanown which is a 4 hour drive from where i live now. i was really sad when she moved away, but she has been coming down monthly to clean up their old house for showngs because it hasnt sold yet. she came down yesterday and we had so much fun. courtney is a beautiful outgoing person with so much to her, if you asked me to describe her in one word, it wouldnt work. anyway, i havent seen her for any of her visits because ive been off doing something every time, accept for yesterday.

i almost peed my pants at the sight of courtney and her mom in their minivan, and im pretty sure she almost did the same, she is known for that. we went and picked up my friend elizabeth and then went to the mall nearby. we were there for hours doing things that were just hysterical. like trying on all the sunglasses at one of the kiosks, and a bajillion prom dresses, and having perfume wars at bath and body works. it was so fun just seeing her, but also knowing that she hasnt changed a bit, other than shes groing a little taller :)
after about 4 hours of chilling at the mall, we went to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which there were no sets of 3 seats in the theater, so we ended up sharing 2 seats between the three of us. courtney sat in the middle and was the official holder of all snacks since we shared popcorn and a pack of gummy worms. she did shake alot though when she laughed so it funny to see the popcorn flying everywhere. we went back to the mall for another hour or so untill her mom came and picked us up. i know i will miss courtney alot until her next visit (or whenever i get to see her) but i will know even though shes in a different town, and with all sorts of new people, shes still my bigger little courtney that will always be the same, becase best friends never change.

Monday, December 29, 2008

my very first blog entry!

its pretty funny because i am quite afraid of heights and just last night i had a dream that my dance teacher put me up on a 50 foot high bench to dance on. believe me i almost peed my pants. anyways, the person behind me pushed me a little bit and i started crying. my dance teacher came over and told the girl to never do that again because it scared her too. she came and sat down next to where i was and said "you have to face your fears. otherwise your fears will face you and thats when you get scared."
one of my goals for this next year is to try to overcome my fear of heights, or at least get it so that i am not afraid to go up 50 feet and look down at the ground.
i dont exactly know where the rest of my goals are going to take me because i dont think i have really taken them on yet. i guess theres still a few that i do have in mind. so here they are...
>i want to be nicer to some people that i usually am not too nice to.
>i want to practice my talents more, i play french horn and i dance so i would like to practice those at least two hours a week.
>i want to be more honest with some people that ive kind of been cheating myself with. i know that lying gets you nowhere, and the guilt of it keeps building up higher and higher.
>this is probably one that i dont just speak for myself on but i would like to eat healthier and loose a few pounds. i know for me it probably isnt needed for the weight loosing because i am at a healthy weight for my age, but i know it will make me feel a lot better to got from weighing 125, to weighing 115 to 117 or so.
>i want to try harder in school and go for b's and higher, i know that straight a's would be great, but with how ive been doing, i probably wont make it there.
ill add more before the new years if i can, but if i dont i want to wish you all a happy new years and i hope you make the best of it.