Sunday, January 25, 2009

best friends never change

One of my bestfriends name is courtney. she recently moved to hermanown which is a 4 hour drive from where i live now. i was really sad when she moved away, but she has been coming down monthly to clean up their old house for showngs because it hasnt sold yet. she came down yesterday and we had so much fun. courtney is a beautiful outgoing person with so much to her, if you asked me to describe her in one word, it wouldnt work. anyway, i havent seen her for any of her visits because ive been off doing something every time, accept for yesterday.

i almost peed my pants at the sight of courtney and her mom in their minivan, and im pretty sure she almost did the same, she is known for that. we went and picked up my friend elizabeth and then went to the mall nearby. we were there for hours doing things that were just hysterical. like trying on all the sunglasses at one of the kiosks, and a bajillion prom dresses, and having perfume wars at bath and body works. it was so fun just seeing her, but also knowing that she hasnt changed a bit, other than shes groing a little taller :)
after about 4 hours of chilling at the mall, we went to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which there were no sets of 3 seats in the theater, so we ended up sharing 2 seats between the three of us. courtney sat in the middle and was the official holder of all snacks since we shared popcorn and a pack of gummy worms. she did shake alot though when she laughed so it funny to see the popcorn flying everywhere. we went back to the mall for another hour or so untill her mom came and picked us up. i know i will miss courtney alot until her next visit (or whenever i get to see her) but i will know even though shes in a different town, and with all sorts of new people, shes still my bigger little courtney that will always be the same, becase best friends never change.