Friday, April 10, 2009

So as you may know, or not know, today is good friday. I have the day off from school and my dad is home from work today. We went to the childrens service at our church today and decided to go out to lunch afterwords. My dad took my and my siblings out to Annies Parlor at the University of Minnesota, and holy cow, their food is AMAZING. I had a cheesburger and their own vanilla cola. My sister got the same as me, but had a hot fudge malt (which is to die for!) instead. thier fries are also some of the best i have ever had. fresh cut, i can tell. but then we took a tour of the U and i think it would be so fun to study there in 4 years (not to far away!). Anyways, i feel like i will never eat again, i stuffed myself way full!

i guesss thats all that has really gone on. i got my dance costumes this week, and they are really pretty, and there is only one more week until competition! im excited!

more coming soon...

forever and always,