Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holy Cow! its been so long!

I'm feeling really bad for not blogging since January! Almost two months of me saying "aah, ill get to it later." classic procrastinators excuse, right? So i made it a priority today, and over the remainder of this school year to try and blog once every two weeks or so, just to keep you updated (and so i can go back and look at what has gone on in my life). I will try really hard to sum up whats been important in these last two months.
to start this off, id like to say that the weather is absolutely gorgeous! we went from freezing cold a few weeks ago(I'm talking in the teens), to today. its 60 degrees outside! i have been continuing with my dancing and that is going great. we have competition on April 15th and 16th i think, and i am so excited because this years dances are AMAZING! my dance teacher, Mauri, is amazing and pushes us all to the best of our abilities. i may not be the best dancer in the class, but i work really hard at trying to get myself up with the best dancers. all the girls at my studio rock some major socks off and bring so much charisma into doing what they love. School has been going okay, last trimester, I didn't do so well grade wise because of how much i involved myself in social things rather than being involved in school. two weeks ago we had a fresh start with a new semester, and so far i have done really well. all my assignments have gotten in on time and I've done my best work that i can do. since high school starts next year, i have realized that i cant waste my time because that is what really counts. But, i am happy to say my class schedule that i have right now is one of the best i could ask for. i have all the basics (history, science, English, and math) but i also have Band, 3-D art (sculpting), and study hall (which also helps with keeping me on track with my homework). in 3-D art i am working on this really cool box, I'm SO taking a picture of it when its done and putting it on here because it is really cool! if your wondering about band, i play french horn, but i used to play flute, band is amazing and if your ever thinking about trying out an instrument id say go for it! its super fun and I'm sure you'll love it. in my family everything is great. my little siblings are awesome and crazy, and i love them to death, and my parents are the awesome (i think i use that word too much)! my mom and dad actually wrote me a letter about what my faith means to them, and how they've loved watching me grow. it had me in tears! my friends are still doing fantastic (i got a new word!) too. they are definitely a lot like me and very relatable too, i have made a bunch of new friends, and i still have my old but still great friends. right now I'm on spring break, and i have only 5 days left till.... drum roll..... my birthday! I'm so excited, i am turning 14! and my sister can babysit too now, so i will get some freedom this week.
i think I've summed up my last two months pretty well!
i hope that you all have a wonderful springtime (maybe its fall where you are in) and my best regards go to you!
forever and always,