Monday, December 29, 2008

my very first blog entry!

its pretty funny because i am quite afraid of heights and just last night i had a dream that my dance teacher put me up on a 50 foot high bench to dance on. believe me i almost peed my pants. anyways, the person behind me pushed me a little bit and i started crying. my dance teacher came over and told the girl to never do that again because it scared her too. she came and sat down next to where i was and said "you have to face your fears. otherwise your fears will face you and thats when you get scared."
one of my goals for this next year is to try to overcome my fear of heights, or at least get it so that i am not afraid to go up 50 feet and look down at the ground.
i dont exactly know where the rest of my goals are going to take me because i dont think i have really taken them on yet. i guess theres still a few that i do have in mind. so here they are...
>i want to be nicer to some people that i usually am not too nice to.
>i want to practice my talents more, i play french horn and i dance so i would like to practice those at least two hours a week.
>i want to be more honest with some people that ive kind of been cheating myself with. i know that lying gets you nowhere, and the guilt of it keeps building up higher and higher.
>this is probably one that i dont just speak for myself on but i would like to eat healthier and loose a few pounds. i know for me it probably isnt needed for the weight loosing because i am at a healthy weight for my age, but i know it will make me feel a lot better to got from weighing 125, to weighing 115 to 117 or so.
>i want to try harder in school and go for b's and higher, i know that straight a's would be great, but with how ive been doing, i probably wont make it there.
ill add more before the new years if i can, but if i dont i want to wish you all a happy new years and i hope you make the best of it.

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  1. Happy New Year Leah!! Welcome to the crazy world of blogging!! Its so much fun! Hope you had an awesome New Year!! You are truly amazing!!!

    Lots of love always!!
    Sankari :)