Thursday, June 4, 2009

Again With the Procrastination....

I am so bad at this! i keep saying "i will get to it" and now its two moths later and i am finally here. School gets out in one week! we have our end of the year 8th grade celebration/dance tomorow and i am so excied for that! there is going to be grilling, maui wowi, and the best DJ in the metro, Starkizzle, a.k.a my science teacher Ms. Stark. Lets see... what have i been up to the past two months?
brief summary: April 11th my dance team won a huge competition. 1st place out or 406 dances, big accomplishment i would say(: May 7th, all the competition dances in my studio qualify for nationals this summer... yay! My dog cocoa is now 2 years old! marched in the memorial day parade, and at valleyfair. had a killer dance recital, saw my aunt and uncle and cousins from Iowa. oh, and straight a's!
i guess thats brief enough, since its almost 10:00pm!
i bid you goodnight:)
forever and always
Leah Erickson

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